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Duration: Saturday 20, October- Monday 23, October

Location: Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall (NO.R04, Hsin-Yi Rd., Sec 5, Taipei, Taiwan, 11011)

Artist:   Hsu Hui-HsuanTsai Nian-Jeu, Chi Chien

Exhibition Introduction:


It’s second year that See Art is selected by Art Taipei to attend the avant-grade section. This time we will present six pieces of the media artist Hsu Hui-Hsuan  and also Tsai Nian-Jue and Chi Chien’s classic artworks. We hope to bring the most interesting art experience for audience.!

Hsu Hui-Hsuan’s artworks are taken by micro lens. She tries to make the daily objects to become unfamiliar to us and use the limited computer editing to create the multi-dimension images.The main character of works is slowly motion and long lasting.Under the situation without narration, the images presents the essence of objects and make the audience to imagine their own body experience and imagination.

Tsai Nian-Jue use the building material, diatomaceous earth to be the mainly material of his artworks. Artist use the engraving knife to  carve the white square one by one and the color under the diatomaceous earth will appear and through spraying water on the surface of artworks will reveal the color again. It shows the various possibility between the material and pigment. 

Chi Chien’s artworks create a new world but it also familiar for us and it recall the audience’s memory of the daily life and the past history. Artist gives those familiar icon new life and turns to another meaning. It’s the most valuable thing in his works.