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Duration: Friday 9, December- Sunday 11, December

Location:The Pier-2 Art Center (No.1, Dayong Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung 803, Taiwan)

Artists: Yen Ye-ChengLuo Jing-Zhong


Yen Ye-Cheng’s Artworks Introduction:

See art will exhibit the series of Yen Ye-Cheng’s recent art works, Flowers in Breeze series at 2016 Art Kaohsingthis time. The artist use the free lines, rich color and flexible composition. He expects to reach the high-leveltaste. Besides, Flowers in Breeze is different to the past artworks, the artist change the pigment to acrylic color. The acrylic color dries faster than oil color painting so it helps the artist to imagine free and randomly. It also can help to catch the spiritual power of panting- the high-level taste.

The concept and techniques are the two aspects of paintings. They influence each other. The concept relies on the proper technique to perform and different techniques will also bring the distinct thinking and connotation.

The idea of Yen Ye-Cheng’s artworks can be defined to several aspects such as the following:


When the artist has the rough image, he will paint on the canvas directly and discover at the same time. He continuously commutes with artworks during the process of painting. At the final progress of painting, he sometimes turns the painting upside down and then tries to catch the tension on paintings. Sometimes the painting has the inverse track of paint drops but he will abandon the unnatural brush work and organize the direction again in order to show the paint brush’s direction. To pursuit the “unusual but not weird” construction.


Flowers in Breeze doesn’t have three-dimension delusion. He uses the two-dimension to construct his paintings. Even though the scenery has the relationship of front and back, it actually creates the feeling of the flowing air. The flowers and plants don’t have the perspective. The background and plants substitute as the blank in Chinese paintings

. They rely on each other. As the result, the background is also a crucial part of painting to perform the spiritual space. These paintings are not the pieces of nature and also abandon the delusion in real space. Each canvas is one individual and the painting itself is the whole universe.


Plants in the nature are variety. They don’t have the settled object. In the painting one point can be the moss but it also can be a flower, a rock or an ant. One brush can be grass, a bush, trees or even non-specific free objects. In fact, the objects in the painting are not the independent existence, but the interaction of the space and the composition. The objects show the space and produce the whole composition.


Flowers in Breeze series has bright colors. The artist experiments different possible performance of colors. He doesn’t follow the ordinary rule but tries to discover the characteristic of colors with intuition and change the color constantly.


Different ingredients produce different effects. The characteristic of acrylic color is transparent, light and dries easily. It is suitable to wipe and smear. The artist use the transparent effect of acrylic to show the ethereal spirit. Besides, the application of acrylic’s characteristic: it can be transparent and also be thick as the effect of oil paintings. 


The fluidity of acrylic color is suitable for the free style of painting. The soft brush can carry different aesthetic feeling with variable brushwork. The brushwork’s appeal is different to the heavy and thick characteristic of oil painting. This type is much more like the spirit of calligraphy but the connection of them is just the feeling of aesthetic experience. This kind of spiritual and metaphysical comprehension is same to the quality of calligraphy and painting. It’s also the attitude of Flowers in Breeze.

The mind of “In the distance the Zhongnan Mountains traverse” and walking in the garden leisurely are the attitude of this series of works. It mainly hopes to perform the lively spirit of breeze.