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Chiu Chen-Hung


Chen-Hung Chiu creative works revolve around collecting those inadvertently hidden objects / people and legends surrounding him, as well as rewriting the ambiguous ties between these "anonymous identities" and the locality, in a sense analogous to the connections between body and building, city and cells, monuments and intimacy. Comparable to the process of remodeling monuments, he strips away the logic designed and rationalized by social structures in attempt to rename those that offer significance and meaning to each material.
Yet, unlike the citations made through reminiscing in the past, his works are instead sincere observations which explore personal experience and logic. 
Important exhibitions Chiu participated in include the Liverpool Biennial: City States(2012), ThaiTai:A Measure of Understanding, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre(2012), Une terrible poetique, La Biennale de Lyon, Galerie Olivier Hong(2011), Arte da Taiwan, Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Villa Croce, Genova(2011), Taiwan Calling-The Phantom of Liberty, Mucsarnot Museum, Budapest(2010), etc. in 2012, he was also chosen as an artist in residence at Cite internationale des arts Paris for the 12th Visual Arts Talent Exchange Program
conducted by the Taiwan Ministry of Culture. 


The Marble Workers


Single channel video installation



‘The Marble Workers’ ,two Thai workers pushing a mine trolley around in a marble factory in the eastern Taiwan as a gesture of interacting with the space, attempts to rewrite a chorography about memory by reconnecting histories. These old-fashioned mine trolleys were once utilized for long distance transportation in the mines, but are today all replaced by new crane models. In the video, the artist firstly repaired and renovated the old mine trolley and gilded the surfaces. Through the process of pushing the trolley to connect the factory, disused mine
districts, worker dormitories and mining tunnels, a journey of memories, which overlap the reality, was pieced together. The light reflected from the gold leaf, machineries and objects gently illuminate one another and went through different time and space. 
The artwork is an attempt to develop a poetic narrative from labors’ daily lives. In the video, the light in the darkness that penetrates the scenes and objects seen through the camera movement that interweaves different time and spaces reveals the imperfect reality and the limited visions. The sometime dim and blurry scenes symbolize the immigration, the memories of labors and issues like globalization in a capitalistic economic system. 
The artist rewrites a story about labors with an attempt to illustrate a more general and common shifting reality.

Trolley No.3


Ready-Made Object、Gold Leaf


Gift No.21


Onyx marble、Iron、Glass