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Chang Chia-Chen



Distance is a mathematical description of how far two objects are, with no directions, no negatives. CHANG interprets the distance of relationships with the quantification in her works. “Measuring For You” makes “you” as “the other” to oneself. In her work “Measuring For You I,” the two stools indicates two individuals; the conventional Chinese Luban ruler crosses over them, taking measurement of their relationship. The artist eliminates scales on the ruler by spraying them off, describing the abstract and uncertainty of human bonding. “Measuring For You II,” on the contrast, reassures scales to be the rule of life and relationships. She makes the manmade objects “you” and be the starting point of the world, turning the endless gap and fragments as footnotes of the changing and ongoing affair.

The two works contract to each other. “Measuring For You I” denies the possibilities to measure relationship; while “Measuring For You II” is still trying to calculating the abstract distance. The contradiction makes it clear that scale is the air to our lives. The margin seems to be void but it actually works. The useless measurement highlights neither numbers nor directions, but creates a possibility and space to link two different items.