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Wang Jie-Yin


1941  Born in Shanghai, China

1966  Graduated from Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts

1986  Studied in Vienna University of the Arts, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna Currently works and lives in Shanghai


2017  ‘Coalescence of Clouds and Mist-Wang Jieyin Solo Exhibition’, 3812 Gallery, Hong Kong

2016  ‘Beyond Clouds-Wang Jieyin Solo Exhibition’, Shanghai Long Museum, Shanghai

2015  ‘China Infra-color Aesthetics’, Zhuzhong Art Museum, Beijing/ ‘Creating Atmosphere’, Shanghai Lingang Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai/ ‘Stratosphere: Duoyunxuan Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition’, Shanghai Duoyunxuan Art Center, Shanghai/ ‘Another Utopia-Huachen: Shanghai Abstract Art Show Series Exhibition: Border’, Shanghai Mingyuan Art Museum, Shanghai/ ‘Voidness and Thinness-Dialogue, Between Mountains and Waters’, Shanghai Mingyuan Art Museum, Shanghai

2014  ‘Shape of the Invisible’, Sankt Urban Contemporary Art Museum, Switzerland/ ‘5:5 Dialogue’, Bonn Contemporary Art Museum of Germany, Bonn, Germany/ ‘Broken-Stand’, Shanghai Long Museum, Shanghai/  ‘Rising Clouds’, Beijing Today Art Museum, Beijing

2013  ‘Image’, Shanghai Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai/ ‘Seascape ink painting exhibition of Unexpected’, Art Center of Shanghai Artists Association ,Shanghai/ ‘The Ninth Session of Florence Biennial Exhibition’, Florence Exhibition Center, Italy/ ‘Between Shanghai and Paris’, China Art Museum, Shanghai

2012  ‘New Ink Painting Exhibition of Shanghai’, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai/ ‘Splendid China-New Century Chinese Art in Progress’, China Art Museum, Shanghai/ ‘Memories of the South’, Shanghai Fanhua Art Center

2010  ‘The Seventh Session of Shenzhen International Wash Painting Biennial Exhibition’, Shenzhen OCT Art and Design Gallery, Shenzhe

2009  ‘Report to China: Art 60 years of new China’, National Art Museum of China, Beijing

2008  ‘China Blue’, Katrinetorps Garden, Malmo, Sweden/ ‘Pang Guan: Invitation Exhibition’, Shanghai Tushanwan Art Museum, Shanghai

2007  ‘Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition’, VADEHRA Gallery, New Delhi/ ‘Scenery of the Spirit: Solo Exhibition’, Zhangjiang Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai/ ‘The Arts of China exhibition’, Valencia Contemporary Art Museum, Valencia, Spain

2005  ‘Heteromorphism and Fantasy’, Shanghai Art Gallery, Shanghai/ ‘Along the Great River-Retrospective Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting in New Period’, The National Art Museum of China, Beijing

2004 ‘The 10th National Art Exhibition’, Shenzhen/ ‘Shanghai Abstract Art Exhibition’, Shanghai Ming Garden Art Center, Shanghai ‘Wang Jieyin Solo Exhibition’, 55 Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2003 ‘The Third Session Oil Painting Exhibition of China’, National Art Museum of China, Beijing/  ‘Invitation Exhibition of New Expressionism Realistic Oil Painting Masters of China’, Shanghai Liu Haisu Art Gallery, Shanghai/ ‘Invitation Exhibition of Shanghai Spring Art Salon Oil Painting’, Shanghai

2002  ‘Group Show’, Rostrenen, France

2001  ‘Exhibition of China Oil Painting of Small Size’, Shanghai

2000  ‘Group Show’, STENMAN Gallery, Finland/ ‘The 20th Century of Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition’, Beijing/ ‘The Centennial Print Exhibition of China’, Chongqing

1998  ‘Wang Jieyin Solo Exhibition’, Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Institute, Shanghai

1997  ‘Wang Jieyin Solo Exhibition’, Gallery of French language institute, Singapore

1996  ‘The first session of China Oil Painting Academy Exhibition’, National Art Museum of China, Beijing/   ‘Chinese Modern Painting Exhibition’, Portland Art Museum, Portland, U.S.A.

1995  ‘The 25th session of UNTERRABNITZ painter Week’, Austria/ ‘New Easel Painting Exhibition’, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

1994  ‘The 12th National Print Exhibition’, Shenzhen/  ‘The Second Session of Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition’, Beijing/ ‘The Eighth Excellent Works Exhibition of National Fine Arts’, Beijing

1991  ‘Invitation Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Printing Works, Yinchuan, Ningxia

1990  ‘Wang Jieyin Solo Exhibition’, Yunnan Art Gallery, Kunming, Yunnan

1987  ‘Wang Jieyin Solo Exhibition’, AAI Gallery of Vienna, Austria/ ‘Heimweh nach der Zukunft (Returning Road to the Future), KARNTEN, Austria

1986 ‘Sea Horizon 86 Painting Exhibition’, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai


2004‘Baicao Garden’ won the excellence award of the 10th National Fine Arts Exhibition.

2001‘The Wild’ was selected into Exhibition of China Oil Painting of Small Size and won the art prize.

1999  Won Luxun Print Award issued by Chinese Graphic Artists Association.

1996‘A Cabin in the Woods’ was selected in to Chinese Modern Painting Exhibition held by Portland Art Museum and was collected by the museum.

1994‘A Cabin in the Woods’ won the gold medal of The 12th National Print Exhibition.

1989‘The Field’, ‘Scattered Clouds’ were selected into The Seventh Session of National Fine Art Exhibition.

1985‘Rhythm’, ‘Singing Hop-pocket’ were selected into National Fine Arts Exhibition and won the prize of outstanding works issued by the municipal bureau of culture.


Musee de Gravellines, France/ Bibliothèque nationale de France, France/ USC Pacific Asia Museum, U.S.A/ Portland Art Museum, U.S.A/ Macau Governor's Mansion/ National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China/ Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China/ Shanghai Long Museum, Shanghai, China/ Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China/ Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing, China