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Chen Jiou


1957 Born in Shanghai, China  

1978 Publications of novels in several journals

1980 Participation in art exhibitions held in the PLA Navy

1985 Studied Chinese Language and Literature in Shanghai

1987 Studied Oil Painting in Shanghai Theatre Academy

Artistic Director in Zhu Jizhan Art Museum, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art

Solo Exhibition

2011 The Elegance in Contemporary Ink Art-Chen Jiu and Liu Yongshun Exhibition, Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai Zendai Zhujiajiao Art Museum, Shanghai

2009 Opera Acting—Yan Zhi,Shanghai Dejia Gallery, Shanghai

2009 Opera Acting—Qian, kun, Dan, and their Fans, Sunbow Art Gallery, Shanghai

2009 Opera Acting-Yang Zhi,  Hangzhou  Xiling Art Club House, Hangzhou

2007 Opera Acting-Chen Jiu Solo Exhibition, Sunbow Art Gallery, Shanghai

2007 Opera Watching-Chen Jiu Solo ExhibitionBeijing

2000 Chen Jiu Calligraphy Solo Exhibition(Tea Association), Pin Cha Lun Yi, Shanghai

1992 Chen Jiu Calligraphy and Paintings Solo Exhibition,Shanghai

Collective Exhibition

2011 ‘Foundation: Functional’, Twocities Gallery, Shanghai

2011 ‘Sun Liang, Chen Jiu, Cai Guangbin Joint Exhibition’, Shanghai Degas Art Space, Shanghai

2010 ‘China Ink and Wash Painting Exhibition’,Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

2010 ‘Chinese Ink Painting of Opera Character Exhibition’,Shanghai Xuhui Art Museum, Shanghai

2010 ‘Time Doth Swiftly Fly: Dialogue of Ceramic & Sumi-e Chen Jiu & Li Jianshen Duo Exhibition’,Twocities Gallery, Shanghai

2010 ‘Flower in the Mirror and Moon in the River—Chen Jiu & Zhang Jingjing Works Exhibition’ Fine Art College of Shanghai University 99Creative Center, Shanghai

2009 ‘Contemporary•Ink-2009 Shanghai Ink Art Exhibitions’, Shanghai

2008 ‘Ink Painting of Chinese Opera Group Exhibition’, Shanghai

2008 ‘The Chinese Ink Painting of Opera Characters on the Covering of Folding Fan’, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

2007 ‘Ink China-Russian Chinese Cultural Festival Exhibition’

2007 Shanghai People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries Collection Exhibition

2001 Paris Chinese Opera Festival Exhibition, France

1999 Sino-Korea Cultural Exchange Exhibition, Beijing

1998 Japan-Sino Ink and Wash Painting Cultural Exchange Exhibition, Beijing

1997 1st Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai

1995 Trip to Southern China Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition

1994 China Longyun Calligraphy and Painting Competition

1993 Shanghai-Tokyo Exchange Exhibition, Shanghai

1991 Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition

1989 X•S Modern Art Salon Exhibition Ⅰ&Ⅱ, Duoyunxuan, Shanghai