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Tsai Nian-Jue


Tsai Nian-Jeu was born in Lugang, Changhua, 1980. He graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts. He majored in fine art at college and plastic arts in graduate school. Now he is the founder of Daan Studio and the teacher in Daan Community College in Taipei City. He was invited to exhibit abroad and also received many art exhibition prizes. 

Tsai Nian-Jeu’s focuses on the theme of “painting”. Practicing by hands, he conducted a series of physical labor works. In 2003, he invented the “upside-down U shapes” working method which managed to connect with decorations in architectures and established language of this era. In 2004 “Bruce Li” series, he continuously jumped up and down on bungee jumping bed to capture the special linear context of painting, ingeniously linking this motif with his personal quality. After reflections on pigments, color modulations, and painting objects’ attributes in “brushwork series”, recently, Tsai has begun to use building material—“diatomaceous earth” as his major media. This series is based on inseparable attached relationship between diatomaceous earth and pigments. The artist uses gravers to chisel out every single white square and the pigments reveals from different chisel strength. When spraying water on the works, the color are recalled on the surface again, manifesting other possibilities of media and pigments representations. Selecting new materials, Tsai not only breaks traditional creating elements and material concepts, but also deconstructs and reconstructs painting structures, visual perceptions, working tools and materials, rethinking new painting possibilities from practices.


2016  Tsai Nian-Jue’s Solo Exhibition, Archeology of Painting, See ART space Ltd, Taipei

2016  New Taipei Biennale, Taipei

2014  The Grand Exhibition at New Taipei City Artists, Taipei

2014  Tsai Nian-Jue’s Solo Exhibition, Touch, Daan Studio, Taipei

2013  Changhua Great Youth Prize