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Liu Yong-Tao


Born in 1977, Siping City, Jilin Province. Graduated from Art Education Department of Jilin University of Arts in 2001.

Solo exhibition

2016   Urban parable: Dense and decomposition, Yong-tao liu, Sun Yuan double solo exhibition, COSPACE art space, Shanghai China.

2010  “Through scenery & Face the crow-Liu Yong-tao & Li Zhou-wei Exhibition”, 99 Art Center of Shanghai University of Fine Art Colleague , Shanghai China .

Joint exhibition

2017  Ink painting concept of city .An exhibition of youth artistsShenzhen art academiesShenzhen, China/ Self fu translationAn exhibition of contemporary artThe peninsula art museumShanghai China/ The college has a new ten year exhibitionToday art museumBeijing China/ Painting – melt  Three natural people showThe changning district library   Shanghai China

2016“Image reconstruction”_The 16th by art   The Chinese palaceShanghai China/ “The sea”_Young artist nomination exhibition after 70   The Chinese palaceShanghai China/ “Ink Shinksen” _After the Shanghai 2016 nomination exhibitionZhu qizhan art museum Shanghai China/ Time domain symbiosis Shanghai contemporary art exhibition of tenShanghai Great Hall Art Gallery Shanghai China/ Water + Ink: Tradition in the Contemporary ArtChina Cultural Center in Brussels,Brussels, Belgium/ Ink painting elite- Nomination exhibition of contemporary Chinese painting after 70 artists, The Chinese people's political consultative conference of literary history, Beijing China/ 2016LaArt Show   Los Angeles Convention CenterAmerican Losangeles/ White paint-2016 College Art Invitation Exhibition ,Songzhuang Art Space Building, Beijing China/ The third Asian Youth Artists Nomination Exhibition,Today Art Museum,Beijing China。

2015  College new matrix ,Grand Yun Hua Art Museum ,Beijing China/ “Evolution”-Shanghai 2015 Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition, Banbishan real art space,Shanghai China/ Nanjing International Art Exhibition:Chinese contemporary ink art, Nanjing International Expo Center, Nanjing China/ “Post Shanghai Style--Shanghai 2015 Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition”, Banbishanfang Art Center, Shanghai China/ “Virtual environment painting:Landscape & Scenery”,Ming Yuan Contemporary ArtMuseum , Shanghai China.

2014  “Chenhuai Weixiang”--2014 China Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition”, Shenzhen Art Museum ,Shenzhen China/ “Nanjing International Art Exhibition”,Nanjing International Expo Center ,NanjingChina/    “Drift- Art Invitation Exhibition”,China Art Palace ,Shanghai China/ “Chinese art in Brazil” ,OCA Exhibition Center ,St Paul Brazil

2013  “Ink talk of the Youth-The eighth Shenzhen International Ink Painting Biennale ,GuanShanYue Art Museum, Shenzhen China/“Conversation with the Ming-Six kinds of attitudes of contemporary artists towards tradition”, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum , ShanghaiChina/“Image -- Shanghai Himalayas Art Museum Opening Exhibition”,Himalayas Art Museum , Shanghai  China

2012“Image and form - Contemporary Painting Exhibition” ,Pudong Culture and Art Instruction Center,  Shanghai China/"Water + ink"  ,Baoshan International Art Museum , Shanghai China/ Over the sea - Chinese and Japanese Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition,Fukushima Airport , Fukushima Japan

2011 “After the abstract painting: graffiti, image reconstruction and multiple themes”,Zendai Contemporary Art Space,Shanghai China/“ The Fourth National Youth Art Exhibition” ,The excellent prizeChina Art Museum , Beijing China.

2010“John Moore new painting Grand Prix”, Shanghai Gallery , Shanghai China/"The era of ink" Shanghai new ink art exhibition, Duolun Modern Art Museum , Shanghai China

2009  The fifth Shanghai Art Exhibition , Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai China/ Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition , Ming Yuan Arts Center , Shanghai China

2008  National Youth and young artists, Ming Yuan Arts Center,  Shanghai China/Art exhibition of Chinese painting , MUSEO DELLA PERMANENTE, Milan Italy

2007  Italy Barry Art Fair, Italy Barry/ The third Beijing Songzhuang Art Festival ,Concave and convex art space, Beijing China

2006  Shanghai Young Artists Exhibition, Ming Yuan Arts Center,Shanghai China.

2004  Shanghai Abstract Art Exhibition, Ming Yuan Arts Center,Shanghai China.

2003  Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition, Liu Haisu Art Museum ,Shanghai China.

Bear the palm

2011  The Fourth National Youth Art Exhibition, honorable mention , National Art Museum of China , Beijing China


Ink is the way for me to observe and treat the world。Practice the modernization of ink ink and the second conversion of the core value of traditional culture,Is it possible to produce an artistic language with Oriental spirituality that differs from the western art language system?This is not a narrow nationalism, of course. It's open to the present society, Embracing universal values, Explore the possibility of new art on the basis of traditional culture.

My writing is based on the cities around me, Cities bring a lot of convenience to our lives, And there are a lot of problems, All of this is worth thinking about. Intentional inadvertent, The elephant is invisible! Gradually withdrawing from the city's appearance, It points to the existence of an abstraction that is detached from material properties, Emphasize certain regularity beyond the phenomenon.