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Ancient Humanities:Yen, Ye-Cheng Solo Exhibition




Curator:Su, Yang-Zhi

Exhibition Time:Wed. 21st December 2016 -  Sat. 25th February 2017

Opening Party:Sat. 24th December 2016

Art Forum:Sat. 7th January 2017

Exhibition Introduction : 

Yen,Ye-Cheng’s works always can make the existence of the painting independent within the atmosphere of the contemporary art obviously. We are difficult to recognize the overlap of lines and objects but we still can find the possible aesthetics experience below the different kinds of aesthetics systems or discover the self-existence and value identified which overpass the painting itself.  The series of “Ancient Humanities” is totally different to the past big size triptych oil painting. This series of works are around 116*91cm besides the thick oil painting way in the past turns into the transparent and light method in paintings. Artist always interests in the East culture and has the strong ambition to explore. It has more free brushwork and movement in this time work. It is also abandon the conventional oil painting skill, the light and layers, in aesthetics. After refining, it shows the much more light texture and also like the Chinese painting’s object and line. Especially, we can see the beauty of Chinese painting, blank and time, in this series of works.  

Under layers it creates a new language. It exists only in different times of covers and transfers into the blank and movement of painting on the timeline. It shows what the traditional east philosophy “Learn in Nature” doesn’t have the subjectivity. It turns to the conversation between the subjectivity and nature existence. This type of conversation which is not the west philosophy of naturalism and neither the traditional east thought “Natural and Human in One”.

In the other hand, we can see the decorative characteristic in painting. This decorative characteristic is not the formal ornament. It’s a type of human’s natural desire. It shows the unique aesthetics training and art thoughts of Yen,Ye-Cheng through the little awkward brushwork and similar abstract flowers and plants. The belief, taste and attitude connect the practical relationship. Through the artistic operation on the painting’s space and time show the interest of the series of displacement and fluid abstract model.

Painting as the way to create artworks which may not like the conceptual art. It cannot continuous challenge and renovate. After the time of modern art, we cannot treat the art in same way or discuss in same content. But under the society of live for every individuality. Does art have the only function to involve in society actively or it can also has the function for artist that keeps the aesthetic value of artist and the gradually disappearing east humanities? I think in Yen,Ye-Cheng’s painting I can see his question to ar. In this vivid and multiple circumstance it is hard to insist his experience and thoughts for life. Maybe it is the conservative literati insistence or cliché for current circumstance. But the ” Acnient Humanities” maybe will be the most clear and significant aesthetic concept in the global and contemporary word. It teach us how to look back our own culture and internal content. To Yen,Ye-Cheng, art is not about ”-ism” but about “ nature”.