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Hsiao Mei


2005  國立台灣藝術大學造形藝術研究所西畫組碩士     


2018  The God of Small Things, Cornerstone Gallery, Taiwan

2014  Macao in a Gentle Wind, Ox Ware house, Macao

2011  Review fifteen years in Puli, Puli Cultural Museum, Taiwan

2010  Soundless universe, ArtPillar, Taiwan

2009  Here is Where We Meet, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan

2008  Exhibition of 321, Open-Contemporary Art Center, Taiwan.

2006  Banqiao City Artists Exhibition, Banqiao 435 Art Zone, Taiwan

2005  Hsiao Mei Solo Exhibition, National Taiwan University of Art, Taiwan

2002  Live and Travel in Mountain, Pacific Cultural Foundation Art Center, Taiwan; Poetic Commotion, Golden Brick Gallery, Taiwan

1988  Hsiao Mei Solo Exhibition, Paulista Mony, Brazil